Sunday, December 27, 2009

Welcome to The Black Bombshell


This blog is dedicated to all the black women out there who want to be adored, admired, and cherished for our black beauty. Through patience, effort, and my guidance you will be transformed into the beautiful black bombshell you always wanted to be. I want you to look at this site as a magical tool that will assist you in your journey in becoming the best you possible!
    You will learn ultimate femininity, ultimate black beauty secrets, the art of being a domestic goddess,  the delicate art of sensuality, how to attract the right man into your life, how to have poise and grace, proper manners, etiquette, and body language, how to become a fantasy woman, how to be glamorous, how to love and appreciate your unique black beauty, how to eat and drink your way beautiful, how to be adored and cherished by your man, and much much more!

          Become more Beautiful than you ever thought possible inside and out!
                 You are now on the right path of creating yourself into the beauty beyond your wildest dreams

Some of the things that you will discover are:
How to become a glamorous woman that men cherish and women admire

The importance of femininity and the essence of true womanhood

The benefits of being soft and feminine vs hard and masculinized

We are already very exotic and you will learn how to play up this exoticism and take great pride in our appearance through intense self love and ancient beauty secrets

You will learn about glamorous black women who bucked all odds to do so and how you can do it too

I will provide you with inspiring images that will help you appreciate who we are and the immense beauty we already naturally possess

You will gain ultimate self confidence and self esteem which will enable you to make right beautiful decisions in life and love

You will learn how feminism belittles our roles as women, erodes our self-esteem and turns us into stereotypical angry black woman. My site The Black Bombshell provides you with the true way to ultimate success as The ideal black woman

As well as:

How to attract and recognize a quality black man worthy of your time and energy

How to get him to treat you like a Queen and be dedicated to only you

The secrets of enchantresses that will have you desired by all men

You will learn how to become a total hottie that's irresistible to men

How to stop buying into negative stereotypes about
what it is to be a black woman

Learn what other races already know about womanhood that is typically kept hidden from most modern black women

You will become very familiar with your unique, black, inner essence and how to use your body to get in touch with your true beauty

 You will become the rare creature who is revered as  a living breathing goddess wherever she goes

The keys to black beauty will no longer be hidden from you

You will receive the absolute best skin, makeup, hair, and overall black beauty secrets from antiquity and beyond. These will be provided to you through my posts, links, guides, and upcoming e-books. Follow me on this fairytale yellow brick road of empowerment in looks, life, and love.

Find out why the majority of everything you thought you knew about black beauty is a lie

Discover the versatility and beauty of afro textured hair.

You will get the true black beauty secrets of  growing long thick luscious afro textured hair

You will learn how the trans formative power of femininity and self awareness will change how you are perceived by the world

Learn the power of a polished image and how having one will take you further than the rest

By using the tips and techniques provided within this blog you will be tapping into what only a select few very privileged women in the world know

I Know that these secrets and techniques work because they have been passed down throughout the ages and through the different cultures

We will be taking a look at what has worked throughout the ages and some other things that we've lost along the way. But through diligent research and effort  I have dedicated myself in providing all women of color the keys of true black beauty that will make us stand out from others and be admired by all

Ladies get ready for a most rewarding journey which will allow you to stand up, spread your wings, and claim your positions as black beauties and bombshells!